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About Us

Croydon Coin Auctions is a "Bricks&Mortar" auction house selling a wide range of coins, medals, banknotes and other items in Croydon, South London.

Their first sale was held on 4th March 1983 at Croydon Parish Church Hall. Since this first auction of 610 lots there have been regular auctions including the 'South of England Collection'.

The auction is now on its third location - having spent several years at the South Park Hotel sales are now held at the United Reformed Church in Addiscombe Grove.

Graeme Monk is the auctioneer, conducting sales at 300-350 lots an hour, probably the fastest rate of any coin auction in the UK! He also produces the auction catalogue and has been a professional coin dealer for over 30 years. He regularly attends fairs in London and throughout the UK.

Linda Monk manages customer accounts and catalogue subscriptions. She has organised a major London coin fair for over 20 years and attends other UK fairs with Graeme.

Graeme and Linda are members of the British Numismatic Trade Association.

On the day of the sale Karen, Anne, Bob, Keith and Brian are also there to ensure everything runs smoothly... most of the time at least!

Rob is responsible for the website and all things technical so if you have comments about the site they will normally end up with him - though maybe this is why you won't often see him on the day of the sale.

Online History

Croydon Coin Auctions joined the online world in 1997, publishing a site designed by a newly formed web design agency, also based in Croydon, Eigo (www.eigo.co.uk ). The web-site was designed with integrated software which updated sale-day processing as well as provide the ability to view catalogues and photos online.

CCA v1

Initally the CCA website was published on Eigo's servers but in 2000 the current URL was purchased: www.croydoncoinauctions.co.uk

This site served well for about 6 years, until 2005 when it was given its first major overhaul.

The new site was the first to be internally developed and offered a more modern feel and improved image handling to go with the improved camera-work of Graeme, not only the auctioneer but also the in-house photographer!

CCA v2

The site underwent some significant changes in the time it was live, though most of these were behind the scenes and maybe not of great note to its visitors. It was not as highly integrated with the auction's administration as the first site and required some significant tinkering!

In late 2007 work began on the current and third CCA website. It is based on Kryptonic software, is fully CSS compliant and uses SSL technology to ensure security; it went live in early 2008. We hope you enjoy the new features, including shopping basket functionality to add your bids as you view the lots. We have also included a fully searchable archive of over two years' sales.

Now, over 10 years since CCA published its first website, the new site offers significant opportunities for adding additional functionality in the future, without the need for significant development. Sales can be updated on the site more efficiently so hopefully you will find all the information you need.

We welcome your comments on the new site or any other feedback. Please use the link below


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