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How to view sales and bid on forthcoming lots

The site offers new ways to view current and archive lots and to bid on lots you are interested in.

Viewing lots

1 - Use the "Current Sale" view.

On the right hand side of this page it is possible to view lots according to their category. If "Live Sale" is selected all lots which are from the most recent sale are displayed in lot number order. Some lots include photographs and by selecting these items it is possible to see full size images. Prior to the sale, the realised values will show as zero. Once the sale is completed the amount realised will be shown

2 - Download current and archive sale catalogues and images.

The "Catalogues" category shows all available current and archive catalogues. The current catalogue can be downloaded directly from the link above. Archive catalogues and files containing images can be downloaded using the shopping basket functionality. Once added, complete checkout and an email will be sent within minutes providing a link to the download site


1 - Use the shopping basket functionality.

Within the "Current Sale" category (and in current lots under other categorys) it is possible to add bids from the lot detail page. The quantity is shown but should always be set to 1; Enter your maximum bid and then "Add to Basket". Once you have finished reviewing the lots click on "Checkout". You will need to set up an account which will also allow you to set up email subscriptions and review previous bid submissions. Once your bids are submitted you will receive a confirmation email. For new bidders we may need to contact you to confirm your bids.

2 - Send us an email or use the contact form

The standard contact form can also be used to communicate your requirements to us. We will respond to let you know we have received your request.

3 - Post us a physical bid form or send it via fax

If you currently give us your bids or send them to us by fax, these methods are still available

4 - Phone us or give us your bids in person

We are always happy to discuss your requirements by phone, during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm GMT). Our phone number appears at the base of this page

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